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the story so far
Why choose GradQuiz?

We find out exactly what type of
you would like to work in.
We start to build you a profile
  based on your:  
qualifications & preferences!
So we only show you the jobs
that are right for you.

Saving you time and frustration.

A constantly updated feed of job alerts and important information to help you make
better applications

helps you to develop your
commercial awareness!
Leading to a higher chance of success for you!
Why choose GradQuiz?

Growing subscribers
150k+ students and graduates across Finance, Tech, Engineering and more.
High Quality
Targeted emails, social media campaigns and exclusive video content to get your brand out there.
Real-time data
A chance to learn valuable information about how students percieve your company.
No wasted time
Advertise to people who want to work for your company and who are eligible to do so.
The story so far
August 2013:
A brand new career matchmaking tool for students and graduates across the UK, bridging the gap between some of the world’s largest employers and young people.
September 2013:
GradQuiz smashes through the 1K Facebook likes milestone!
GradQuiz embarks on a campus tour - giving away cheques to winners of a game show sponsored by our first clients: Jaguar Land Rover & Grant Thornton.
Christmas 2013:
6 months of pitches, brainstorming marathons and guerilla marketing tactics, end with Facebook users breaking 5K!
January 2014:
GradQuiz takes its Tour to Aston - The spiritual home of two of the company’s founders.
GradQuiz’s sister company Wiser Graduates is born!
July 2014:
GradQuiz celebrates it’s official 1st birthday in its new home in Farringdon, Central London.
September 2014:
GradQuiz Academy launches: our team of 50 Ambassadors at the top Universities in the country.
November 2014:
GradQuiz 2.0 launches with more than 50 Top FTSE 350 Graduate employers, industry information and blogs.
GradQuiz users reach 120,000 and now has a combined social media following of 40,000+
Watch this space...
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