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A job at Apple is unlike any other you've had. You'll be challenged. You'll be inspired. And you'll be proud.

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Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, online services, and personal computers. Its best-known hardware products are the Mac line of computers, the iPod media player, the iPhone smartphone, and the iPad tablet computer. Its online services include iCloud, iTunes Store, and App Store. Apple's consumer software includes the OS X and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media browser, the Safari web browser, and the iLife and iWork creativity and productivity suites.


What Apple is looking for

At Apple, great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services and customer experiences very quickly. Bring passion and dedication to your job, and there's no telling what you could accomplish.

Apple are perfectionists. Idealists. Inventors. Forever tinkering with products and processes, always on the lookout for better. A job at Apple is one that requires a lot of you, but it's also one that rewards bright, original thinking and hard work. No one at Apple would have it any other way.


Hardware Engineering

From Mac to iPod, from Apple TV to iPhone to iPad, Apple keeps raising the bar for products that delight and amaze its customers. Apple's engineering teams have no small task to manage: take the best-loved products on the planet and continually make them better. What will the next great Apple device be? You will astound the world together.

Apple is looking for people who are innovative, talented, creative and driven to push the boundaries in all areas, including industrial engineering, silicon engineering, wireless engineering and specialised engineering.

Software Engineering

Apple's software engineers are the brains behind some of the industry's biggest breakthroughs, including the revolutionary operating systems iOS and Mac OS X and world-class applications like QuickTime, Safari, FaceTime, iTunes and iPhoto. Always on the front line of Apple's constant charge toward innovation, its software teams include not only expert engineers and project managers but also talented musicians, filmmakers and digital artists.

Candidates must be self-motivated team players who thrive in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment and love consuming technology almost as much as creating it. If you're a smart, creative, ambitious engineer who's always looking for a better way, Apple would like to talk to you. It needs your expertise in protocol stack development, wireless systems architecture, location technologies, telephony software engineering and mobile applications and frameworks engineering.


Remarkable as they are, Apple products like iPhone and iPad don't just appear. Each ground-breaking release is the result of meticulous planning by Apple marketing gurus that oversee the entire life cycle of a product. Apple's Marketing department has a passion for innovation and an uncompromising commitment to bringing great products to market.

If you love to think both creatively and strategically - and are willing to go the extra mile for every project - you could be Apple's next new hire. Expertise ranging from product marketing to developer relations, and public relations to marketing communications, will help keep Apple's products and messaging on the cutting edge.


Apple's products are known not only for their extraordinary technology but also for their outstanding design. In fact, design is in everything Apple does - from sleek hardware profiles to highly intuitive user interfaces to strong graphic standards. Composed of some of the smartest, most dedicated people on the planet, it's world-class design teams ensure that all visual and tactile consumer experiences live up to the Apple standard of excellence.

If you truly understand why smart technology also needs to be beautiful technology, Apple would like to talk to you to see if there's a place for you at Apple designing hardware, packaging, communications or user interfaces.


Merchandising is an essential part of the success of the Apple online and retail stores. Apple's merchandising organisation's strategic ingenuity and aesthetic sensibilities combine to create an exceptional customer experience. Functioning as a dynamic, intelligent, cross-functional worldwide team, its merchandising professionals use their skills in assortment selection, placement, pricing, promotion and visual standards to implement ground-breaking retail strategies.

If you are passionate about technology, entrepreneurial, intuitively creative and flexible, you could make an immediate impact. Apple is eager to talk to people with experience as product or carrier merchants, retail demo managers or signs and visual field managers.

Product Management

Apple's online presence is a critical part of its global sales strategy. Product managers provide online sites and applications with cutting-edge features and functionality as they coordinate and inspire cross-functional teams of engineers, project managers, merchandisers and designers. They ensure the project teams are efficiently building an online experience worthy of the Apple brand.

If you have a product management or marketing background, a strong track record in online consumer commerce and a proven ability to deliver great user experiences, you could be the person Apple's looking for.

Customer Service and Support

Apple's goal is to delight customers when they purchase a product and keep them happy throughout its lifespan. The customer service and support teams make this happen by providing award-winning service to all Apple users. Apple's global service network includes self-service online tools, authorised service providers, repair centres, corporate retail support strategy and dedicated call centres for both standard users and premium AppleCare customers.

If you have superior technical ability and the customer service skills to match, this could be your calling. Key functions include hardware and software troubleshooting, planning, procurement, field network management, training, analysis and customer care.


The Finance organisation manages all of Apple's financial activities with expertise and precision. Finance is an important strategic partner to all sides of the business, from engineering and marketing to our diverse global sales channels. Apple's Finance team has the challenging but essential task of managing a detail-oriented discipline inside a rapidly changing, ever-innovative company.

Get ready for your perfect job, one that encourages you to think strategically and creatively. If you're all about integrity, personal accountability, teamwork, excellence and proactive thinking, and you want to be part of something big, let's talk. Apple has a wide range of opportunities in corporate accounting and financial planning and analysis as well as finance roles that support R&D, sales, operations and retail.

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for recruiting the most talented people in the world, helping them develop new skills and supporting them throughout their careers. From benefits to training, communications to employee relations, HR keeps its employees engaged so that it can continue to create exceptional products and customer experiences.

If you're an insightful person with great people skills and a talent for negotiation, you may be exactly who Apple is looking for. Come share your expertise in human resources management, talent acquisition, training and development and salary.

Information Systems & Technology

The Information Systems & Technology (IS&T) team manages key business and technical infrastructure at Apple - how Apple takes an order online, the experience with technology in its retail stores, how much network capacity it needs around the world, the processing of every credit card an iTunes customer uses and closing the books. IS&T does it all.

If you're a born problem solver who enjoys collaborating on the next big thing, Apple may just have your dream job. It needs people who are well versed in the fields of software development, network architecture and engineering, information security and systems engineering.


The Legal organisation helps Apple comply with the law, ensuring that every transaction is structured properly and all agreements are clear and effective. Fluent in legalese, they help Apple protect its creativity and maintain its edge in the market.

Candidates must be extremely detail oriented and exhibit exceptional verbal and written communication skills. As a member of Apple's Legal team, you may find yourself working in such diverse disciplines as Internet services and marketing communications, litigation, patent law or worldwide government affairs.


Apple's Operations teams ensure that Apple's cutting-edge designs become industry-leading products, delivered on time and on spec. They support the development, manufacturing, procurement and fulfilment of all things Apple - so that fast-moving products like iPad and iPhone can be restocked in its warehouses and retail stores as quickly and effectively as possible.

Applicants must exhibit top-notch analytical and negotiation skills, be able to think strategically and tactically and have the flexibility to adapt to fast-moving situations. Product operations, materials management, procurement, retail operations, supply chain and business process reengineering are a few of the areas in which Apple can benefit from your expertise.

Real Estate & Development

Apple's Real Estate & Development teams are in charge of securing the best locations available worldwide, then meticulously sourcing high-quality materials to transform these spaces into Apple Retail Stores or corporate offices. Meanwhile, Facilities keeps all Apple locations running smoothly, handling roles such as shipping, food service and maintenance.

Together, they provide the environment in which Apple conducts all its business worldwide. If you're experienced in real estate and development, you could be perfect for Apple. Job functions include real estate and construction development, design, direct sourcing, security, property maintenance and building management.


As one of the top sales organisations in the world, the Apple Sales team is committed to delivering its products and solutions to consumers, businesses, students, educators and creative professionals everywhere. Sales representatives and their support teams operate from corporate, retail or field locations to sell its great products, services and solutions.

If you're an ambitious and influential sales representative with the ability to use your unique combination of skills and style to consistently close deals, you may be a fit. Apple needs field, channel and enterprise sales leaders, as well as strategy experts for our retail business solutions team. Apple also has opportunities in its worldwide sales support organisation for channel programme managers, instructional designers and field sales trainers.


Apple's administrative teams are in charge of keeping Apple's talented and diverse staff focused and organised. Join it for a rewarding and challenging career working with senior executives in an extremely fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

It's looking for experienced candidates to serve as receptionists, executive or administrative assistants and recruiting and project coordinators.



At the Apple Store, we know inspiring leaders come from every sort of background. What matters most is your ability to connect with your team, provide innovative solutions and create an environment where all can succeed.


Create a retail environment that inspires both employees and customers. As a Manager, you're building dynamic teams with unique individuals and delivering positive experiences for customers as they learn, shop and get support. Most importantly, you share the Apple vision with employees and encourage their growth.

Store Leader

Become a key player in innovative retail by overseeing the store operations at Apple. As a Store Leader, you build and inspire the sales, technical support, business and training teams to engage customers and deliver measurable results. You also create excitement around products, launches, programmes and initiatives - all while upholding Apple's high standards regarding communication and confidentiality.

Business Leader

Provide business customers with key technology solutions and create long-term customers with experiences built on trust. As a Business Leader, you drive the strategy and infuse the business vision into Business Managers and store teams across several Apple Stores. Collaborate with fellow Apple employees and significant business accounts in order to bridge the worlds of retail, corporate and business development, and create future business success for Apple Stores.

Market Leader

Combine executive vision with field execution and contribute to the future success of Apple. As a Market Leader, you develop individuals, build teams and affect growth across several Apple Stores. Even when you're not present, you maintain a constant influence - articulating the Apple vision to inspire and make an impact on your management teams and employees.


Looking for a sales job that combines your brilliant people skills with your enthusiasm about technology? The Apple Store is a retail environment like no other - uniquely focused on delivering amazing customer experiences. And it's looking for incredible individuals to connect consumers and businesses to its amazing products.


Transform Apple Store visitors into loyal Apple customers. As a Specialist, you help create the energy and excitement around Apple products, providing solutions and getting products into customers' hands. Always curious, you stay on top of news about products and initiatives, ready to apply your expertise in customer interactions.


Be at the heart of Apple's reputation for extraordinary customer service. As an Expert, you introduce people to the exciting world of Apple, turning curiosity into intense interest. You thrive on interactions with customers as well as with team members. And you get great satisfaction from helping people develop lifelong relationships with Apple every day.

Business Specialist

Connect business professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools they need. As a Business Specialist, you introduce Apple solutions, technology and services to business customers. Engage businesses and build success - not only for its customers, but for your co-workers as well.

Business Manager

Become the catalyst for businesses to discover and leverage the power, ease and flexibility of Apple solutions. As a Business Manager, you work with business professionals and entrepreneurs to discover and create innovative solutions that can help their companies succeed. Lead the business team at an Apple Store, motivate your staff, and develop strategies to build business for Apple and its customers.

Customer Support

Love to solve problems and share your knowledge? At the Apple Store, the world's best products come with the world's best customer support. Trustworthy troubleshooting and skilled instruction are just part of the equation - it wants its customers to be happy with every interaction they have here.


Use your problem-solving and people skills to ensure swift resolutions to technical problems of every kind. As a Genius, you provide insightful advice and friendly, hands-on technical support to Apple customers in need. You also educate your team members about products, while independently keeping your own technical know-how up to date.


Share your skills and inspire creativity in every Apple Store visitor. As a Creative, you're the foundation of the Apple Store's uniquely welcoming environment. You provide customer training and teach Apple's customers how to bring their visions to life. Nothing gives you a greater thrill than empowering an individual to create something wonderful.

Service Specialist

Help visitors to the Apple Store get more out of Apple's products by sharing knowledge and providing exceptional customer service. As a Service Specialist, you get new owners started and give current ones quick and efficient support. By helping Apple build and maintain strong relationships with customers, you are instrumental to the company's success.


Want to combine your detail-oriented nature with your passion for great technology? At the Apple Store, Inventory Specialists make it possible for all our operations to run seamlessly. Apple designs the products, but you make sure they get out into the world.

Inventory Specialist

Ensure Apple's products take the final, crucial step in our supply chain. As an Inventory Specialist, you're in charge of the store's inventory management - products, parts, tools, supplies and everything else. At the end of the day, it's your organisational skills and dedication that are at the heart of what the Apple Store does: connecting people to the products they love.

Apple Store Leader Programme

Learn to run a multimillion-pound business while being part of a fun, lively community. At the Apple Store, Apple is looking for university graduates who want to join an inspiring, exciting team. Discover amazing opportunities, an unmatched learning experience and perhaps an incredible career.