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Ashurst LLP is a global law firm headquartered in London and a member of the 'Silver Circle' of leading UK law firms.

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About Ashurst

Working at Ashurst will allow you to encounter a wide range of challenges, to get close to different types of business and to experience different cultures. Expectations of trainee solicitors are high and although sharp commercial awareness is a must, you will need a burning ambition to be part of the Ashurst setup. the firm look for potential in natural leaders who will quickly become respected figures in their field. So if you like the idea of inspiring colleagues and clients, personally as well as through your work, then carry on reading.

Your Career

What to expect

  • The firm's mission is to realise the full potential of all its employees.
  • With a foundation of strong support allowing trainees to have the knowledge, skills, expertise and motivation to develop their careers at the firm, Ashurst boasts an impressive training and development programme.
  • Lawyers attend various key development centres alongside colleagues from a number of global offices, to encourage strong working relationships across borders.


During the Ashurst placement schemes you can expect an intensive look at the work carried out and how the firm operate. The schemes are organised in partnership with a committee of trainees: having been in your shoes not so long ago, they know how best to introduce you to the firm.

Training Contracts

  • During the first two weeks of your training contract you'll get a comprehensive induction to the firm. This will help you get to grips with differing departments in detail as well as IT systems, libraries and other resources. You will also begin the Professional Skills Course and skills training that will continue throughout the next two years and beyond qualification.
  • You will complete four seats of six months, each of which will be planned in collaboration with you. You will also be encouraged to join an overseas office or go on secondment to one of its most valued clients.
  • Each seat starts with its own induction course, complete with short guides and checklists so you know exactly what to expect.
  • You will be supervised by a partner or associate, who will work with you and provide guidance.
  • Your supervisor will review your progress during and at the end of your seat, helping you to pinpoint successes and areas where more development is required.



What does the future hold?

Once you have completed your training, and are newly qualified as a lawyer you will have an excellent grounding in the departments where you have sat, as well as a budding reputation for interpreting complex legal matters accurately.

However, you will not be the finished article yet. The added responsibility of being a qualified lawyer will certainly help you as you progress, but its emphasis on training doesn?t stop there. There is a wealth of support and opportunity at Ashurst so that you can make the most of your potential after your training contract. These include soft-core courses and a full education programme.