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Within the top UK's top ten credit cards, Capital One provide Visa and MasterCard credit cards to people every day.

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About Capital One

Founded in 1988, Capital One rose quickly to the top of the US credit card industry. Eight years later, it launched in the UK. This was it's first overseas venture and, in 1997, it opened a multi-million pound operations centre in Nottingham, creating 1,200 jobs in the process.

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What to expect

Capital One Graduate Schemes

Marketing & Analysis

Capital One's analysts solve complex business problems and develop the strategies that drive profitability and growth.

Business Analyst

Being a Business Analyst means you'll get to do all the best bits of a consultancy role. Drawing insights from it's Information Based Strategy system, you'll find gaps in the market to create new products and strategies. You'll then research the viability of your ideas and present your findings to senior managers and directors.

What's more you'll own your projects, seeing them right through to completion. This will give you an invaluable understanding into the 'real world' consequences of your product's performance and, just as importantly, you get the recognition for your hard work.


As a graduate on Capital One's technology scheme, you'll be given the opportunities to become an expert in a broad range of areas from business intelligence to programme delivery and IT architecture over a 2 year rotation. Essentially, you'll learn how to translate business opportunities into technology solutions and technology opportunities into business innovation.

But you don't need to have a technology or IT background to join this scheme; Capital One welcomes applicants from all degree disciplines as it believe passion and enthusiasm for learning how technology plays a part in the success of a business is more important than whether you know your network routers from your linux servers.


Capital One recognises talent when it sees it, and it takes care to invest in it. That's why it has a dedicated in-house Capital One University to help kick start your career with the highly regarded graduate development programme designed to help you develop world-class analytical skills and business intuition.

You'll get all the technical training you need to do your job while you learn about the organisation alongside plenty of fun and interactive sessions on everything from presenting skills to how to become an innovation guru.

When you join Caital One, you'll be assigned a buddy who works in your team to help you integrate and you'll have regular catch-ups with your manager who'll work with you to develop your ongoing learning requirements.

Further information regarding Capital One's application process can be found by following this link

What does the future hold?

Our associates are key to our business, and we pride ourselves on hiring the best people.
- Karen Bowes, HR Director, Capital One