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Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an global brand offering a wide variety of car leasing, car sharing and hourly rental programmes.

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About Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car, since its inception in 1957, has relentlessly grown into the largest car rental company in North America and arguably, the world. With an annual turnover of more than $14 billion and a rental and leasing fleet of over one million vehicles spread across some 7,600 locations worldwide you can begin to gain an understanding of the magnitude of its brand.

Your Career

What to expect

Since opening its first UK office in Reading in 1994, Enterprise's presence in the UK has grown substantially. It's currently operating over 400 offices throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, employing over 3,400 people. Its main focus has been to grow the local rental business by continuing to pick up customers and marketing to repair shops, corporations, insurance companies and policy-holders with damaged or stolen cars.

It's an approach that's proving successful across the world. Working at Enterprise means working with an award winning marketing team. As the winner of the AGR Digital Marketing Strategy award, Enterprise prides itself on its ability to innovate. This award reflects the increasing focus on integrated digital marketing strategies and covers websites as well as the use of social media and other online channels to target and communicate with graduates.

You'll join as a management trainee and develop skills in all areas, from sales and marketing to customer service and finance. So it really is a general management scheme. The hands-on business training includes:

  • Management skills: leadership, training, mentoring, people skills and soft skills, and looking at the big picture.
  • Business management: cost control, profits, growth, account management, employee development, and administrative skills.
  • Marketing: how to gain new customers both retail and corporate, how to manage dealerships, and run bodyshop accounts.
  • Sales: how to increase revenue by generating more sales.
  • Customer service: taking reservations, handling customer enquiries, problem solving and delivering cars to customers.
  • Fleet control: how to handle repairs, and getting the right number and type of cars in your fleet.

There's also the opportunity to specialise if you find an area of the business you're particularly interested in, for example HR, Marketing or Finance, to name just a few.


Throughout the graduate programme, there's a series of tests and evaluations, after which you'll receive pay increases, rewards, and more opportunities for promotion. You'll almost certainly be a branch manager within just two years of starting. After that it's up to you how fast you move - there's area manager, group rental manager, general manager.  

With Enterprise, the sky's the limit!

What does the future hold?

You'll start off as a management trainee and in as little as eight to twelve months, you could move up to a management assistant. From there, in your next year, you'll continue your training and you could become an assistant manager. That's when you'll receive a percentage of the profits generated by your branch, which means your earnings will be directly related to your performance.