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Lidl was founded in the 1930s in Germany. Today, it's one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe.

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Lidl isn't your common-or-run-of-the-mill supermarket. Our do-it-different, keep- it-simple, make-it-better approach to what we do has helped us become an international retail phenomenon. 10,000 plus stores, 135 retail distribution centres and operations in 28 countries mean our business is big business.

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What to expect

Our future is dependent up on what we do today, and our award winning Graduate Programmes allow us to plan for this now. Identifying the leaders of tomorrow, means we can train, develop and mould the talented individuals who will help grow our business.

Here in the UK, we're on a roll too. We clinched the coveted Grocer of the Year Gold in 2015 - and, in the same year, we were the biggest winner at the Grocer Awards. We've also amassed a portfolio of some 620 stores in just over 20 years. And we're expanding all the time. Which is great news for quick-thinking, initiative-taking, problem-solving graduates like you. Because we can open up a big, wide world of opportunity for you to make the most of your talents. So if you?re ready to be the best you can be with a game-changing retailer, you?ve come to the right place.

Lidl's Graduate Programmes:

Area Manager

If you enjoy the vibrant buzz of retail and find yourself always striving for that little bit more, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. This programme will not only offer you a wealth of knowledge in an environment where you will be encouraged to learn and develop but will reward and encourage you to work towards your own personal goals.

Lidl's fast-track programme into Area Management is for outstanding, self-confident individuals who can make a significant difference to its business from day one. The programme covers all aspects of retail management from store operations to logistics, supply chain, property and most importantly, people management.

Graduate Category Buring Manager

Lidl's Buying department, based in its Head Office in Wimbledon, is responsible for sourcing the best range of products, negotiating the most competitive prices and ensuring our growing company is always driven forward through product selection

The Graduate programme at Lidl is for talented, German speaking graduates to develop themselves and become the next generation of commercial decision makers. Your development will begin by familiarising yourself with its full range of products in store, where you will be trained by some of the best store management in the country, followed by a comprehensive induction to its Regional Distribution Centres. This will ensure you gain an understanding of the operational side of the business before embarking upon your commercial path into Buying.

Graduare Strore Management

The Graduate Store Management programme offers you the ideal training platform to develop your management and leadership skills within a retail environment, preparing you, as a fresh graduate, for a progressive career within Lidl's business.

Based in one of Lidl's 600 stores, this programme will provide you with in-depth, hands-on training from some of the best managers in the business, giving you real responsibility from day one. Working alongside its experienced Store Management team, you will learn and be supported through the day-to-day responsibilities of the management role, as well as receiving full training in Store Operations, Human Resource Management and Customer Service.

Graduate Manager - Warehouse (Transport, Logistics & Distribution)

Graduate opportunities within the Warehouse are based in one of Lidl?s nine UK Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs), responsible for ensuring that products reach its stores quickly, efficiently and in perfect condition.

Before joining the Warehouse team, you will spend time training in one of Lidl?s 600 stores familiarising yourself with our full product range and gaining a better understanding of its sales operations. Upon completion of the initial training period in store, you will then join the team in the warehouse, where your extensive training will continue. Warehouse training will cover all areas of transport, logistics and distribution including goods-in, stock picking, goods- out, recycling and maintenance. At the end of your training period, you should be ready to take on a section management position in one of these areas.

Graduate Manager - Property

This programme offers an exciting opportunity to join Lidl?s National Property team within Store Acquisitions or Store Construction, responsible for sourcing, acquiring and constructing all of its stores, Regional Distribution Centres and Head Office sites.

After initial store training you will move on to shadow one of its experienced Acquisition or Construction Managers in a hands-on environment developing the skills you need to make a valid contribution to its business. Your training will cover identification, negotiation and acquisition of sites, supporting expansion, relocation and extension of our existing portfolio. You will also develop key relationships with landlords, developers and property companies.

Graduate Manager - Head Office

Based in the centre of Wimbledon, South West London, Lidl's Head Office is responsible for providing strategic support to its stores, Regional Distribution Centres and Property Offices and offers a wide variety of opportunities within these centralised functions at various points throughout the year.

With a training programme tailored around your individual department and highly dependent upon your role, you will be given early responsibilities including the management of projects, people and administration. Working within one of Lidl?s Head Office functions will require you to liaise with other Head Office, Regional and International departments as well as external contacts including suppliers, customers, consultants and business partners.

As a Head Office Graduate Manager you will be involved in supporting and developing Lidl?s business models through national and international projects and fulfilling fundamental objectives. You will enjoy the variety of your role in a highly professional team and feel satisfaction that your input will make a real contribution to our success as a business on the whole.

International Traineeship

Lidl's International Traineeship Programme offers graduates a unique opportunity to gain operational experience within multiple areas of a major retail company.

This 24-month programme is designed to give you an initial overview of how Lidl's business operates within Sales and Warehouse before allowing you to specialise in one of the following key areas:

  • Purchasing
  • IT
  • Administration and Human Resources
  • Central Services (Procurement, Logistics & Property)

You will achieve this by completing the following three training stages:

  • Regional Training Phase (9 months)
    • Taking you from Store Assistant to Area Manager level
  • Head Office Training Phase (9 months)
    • Specialise in your chosen area and learn how Lidl's national Head Office supports the organisation
  • Final Training Phase (7 months)
    • Your final training will take place both abroad and in the UK. In this phase you will see how Lidl works internationally and have an opportunity to put into practice what you have learned, taking on real responsibility.
48-week Placement Programme

Lidl's award winning Placement Programme is aimed at undergraduates who are looking for a 48-week work experience that can offer variet, responsibility and potential long-term career opportunities in a successful and evolving company.

During the Placement Programme, you will gain valuable expertise at the same time as developing your skills in key areas such as leadership, management, team work and communication organisation and time management. Lidl's bespoke programme allows you to map out the direction of your own placement; you will have the opportunity to build on your knowledge and experience in the business that interest you most including Sales, Warehouse and Property.

Lidl?s programme encourages you to take on management responsibilities that you will find significantly increase your confidence, assertiveness and decision-making ability. It recognises that trial and improvement is an important part of your development; the support networks it has put in place allows you to take on challenges while safe in the knowledge that help is at hand should you need it!

So, if you think you have the potential to bring a positive attitude, raw enthusiasm and a willingness to learn then Lidl's Placement Programme could be for you!



Contributory pension scheme


Private medical cover


Fully expensed company car - Audi A4 or A3


10% Lidl Store discount in all UK stores


Lidl's Training & Development programmes are tailored towards helping employees develop their personal, commercial, organisational and management skills.

It is important that your career starts off correctly, so Lidl always starts with a professional induction into the business before your hands-on training programme starts. You will be allocated a Training Mentor who will conduct your practical training sessions, help you understand its unique business environment and act as your first point of call for all questions or queries.

Lidl recognises that confident and competent employees are the key to its success, so its Regional Training Managers provide all employees with a range of specialised training and development experiences throughout their career. It aims to ensure that all members of the team are equipped with the skills required to deal with its ever-changing business environment, including the different challenges that each day presents.

In order to monitor training success and provide employees with constructive feedback, all employees receive regular appraisals from their line manager. This helps Lidl ensure that all employees fulfil their potential whilst maintaining its success as a business.

What does the future hold?

Lidl is a rapidly expanding company with a focus on developing its staff. So there are lots of different ways for you to progress and build a career with Lidl.