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Mars has over 100 brands globally, including popular petcare, food and drinks, and candies & legendary chocolates.

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About Mars

A Subsidiary of Mars, Inc. - a family owned company and one of the world's leading branded manufacturers - Mars UK operates by Five Principles: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom. As a potential associate you will be expected to put these into action every day to make a difference for people and the planet.

Your Career

What to expect

Mars operates with more than just profit in mind. It looks for graduates that seek to make the opportunities they get at the company mean more. More to themselves and their own career, and along the way, more to the people and the communities they interact with.

The Mars graduate programmes offer an extremely diverse range of schemes in a varying range of locations. In both of the European programmes, you'll undertake an overseas placement - you'll probably be based in Western or Central Europe.

Mars programmes include:

All programmes close Novermber 28


Mars operate by a 70/20/10 training policy which includes:

  • 70% of your training will come from giving you - as a graduate - the opportunity to try things for yourself.
  • 20% will be learnt from your Mars mentors (current and experienced employees)
  • And the final 10% is what you gain from leading-edge classes and courses, designed by its own experts as well as leading external institutions, such as Harvard University.

Every Associate will be given a Personal Development Plan, which sets out goals, opens up conversations about progression and is the trigger for salary reviews.

What does the future hold?

Mars have six different business areas and even more different functional teams within those. This means that when it comes to building your future career, there are no limits as to where you can go within the company, or how far. You can change roles, functions, businesses or even countries.

If you show the right attitude and potential, there's a high chance you'll be given opportunities even if your experience so far isn't directly relevant.

Mars will match your ambition and want you to learn and grow throughout your career. Therefore you'll have the chance to develop new skills, explore the organisation and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

With Mars, your career is what you make it. So if you want to make it mean more, Mars will be right behind you.