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NEF helps develop a new generation of outstanding entrepreneurs who will play a role in Britain's future.

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About The New Entrepreneurs Foundation

The New Entrepreneurs Foundation's aim is to create a new generation of Entrepreneurs who will build market leading businesses and play a key role in driving Britain's future prosperity. They select 30 of the UK's brightest, most entrepreneurially-minded young people each year to equip them with hands-on experience, skills and networks to build scalable businesses.

Your Career

What to expect

Whilst working for the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, you will learn about the challenges of business from some of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in this country, such as Brent Hoberman, Sherry Coutu, Sir Charles Dunstone, Joe Cohen, Luke Johnson and Marcia Kilgore.

You will also learn how to deal with risk, opportunity and changing markets. You'll also receive training in entrepreneurial finance, marketing and strategy from it's corporate sponsors, leading business schools and specialist providers.

Overall, the training programme will equip you with invaluable experience needed in your career and business development. Not only that, but a combination of work experience with a successful entrepreneur and monthly networking events will provide a unique networking opportunity for you to build a respectable network.

By learning directly from your own personal mentor - a highly-successful entrepreneur - you'll be on the path to building your own market-leading business sooner than you may have ever thought possible.

  • The programme lasts 12 months and starts in September
  • The programme consists of 4 main components:
    • A paid work placement alongside a successful entrepreneur and their management team
    • An intensive and interactive 10-month learning and development programme
    • The 10-month Learning and Development programme that runs alongside the work placement
    • Monthly networking events featuring established business leaders and inspirational entrepreneurs
    • An executive coach for each new entrepreneur


  • Monthly workshops are provided by corporate sponsors, leading business schools and specialist learning providers
  • Your training is divided into three semesters:
    • September - December: Discovering your entrepreneurial profile: How to Build Complimentary Teams, Your Appetite for Risk Personal Branding Problem Solving (McKinsey), Developing Social Capital (PwC)
    • January - March: Entrepreneurship - Theory and Practice (UCL), Developing Resilience (Tesco), Spotting Opportunities (London Business School), Entrepreneurial Finance (UCL), Entrepreneurial Marketing (UCL), Negotiation Skills (Scotwork), Pitching and Presentation Skills (Mudhut)
    • April - June: Pre-incubator Phase: Teams work on real business opportunities from ideation to funding readiness
  • Monthly 'speaker series' and networking events featuring business leaders and inspiring entrepreneurs
  • Approximately 180 mentor sessions and 250 coaching sessions in total

What does the future hold?

Spending a year working with a successful entrepreneur and their senior management team, will provide you with the valuable knowledge that will allow you to kickstart your own entrepreneurial endeavours. Not only that, throughout the programme you will build up a solid network of colleagues that will prove invaluable in your future career.