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Nestlé. It's a name which means thousands of different things to millions of different people. But a career at Nestlé means only one thing: you

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About Nestle

You probably think you already know what Nestlé does. They're the people who make your Shredded Wheat and Nescafé coffee. They're the people who liven up your tea break with a Kit Kat. Nestle offers graduate programmes in Engineering, Finance, HR, Information Systems and Information Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Quality Assurance, Safety, Health & Environments, Sales, Supply Chain and International Opportunities.

Your Career

What to expect

What will joining a global industry leader and the business behind some of the world's best-known brands do for your career?

First of all, you'll be working with - and learning from - some of the most respected people in the industry. Nestle's experts in different fields and from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to share their ideas and experience.

Nestle's worldwide strategy is to act globally and think locally, so you'll be encouraged to think for yourself and make your own decisions. Obviously it'll give you all the training and support you require, but you need to be ready to take responsibilities and act on your own initiative. Show Nestle you have what it takes and you'll discover opportunities that could take you anywhere on the planet!

Engineering Programme

Work with advanced technologies and develop into a future leader.

Engineering in the world's largest food company is a challenging prospect, requiring the flexibility to master the different technologies and processes that Nestle uses throughout it's factories whilst also being an active part of a global implementation of TPM (Total Performance Management). In order to meet demand for a 24-hour operation and deliver against tough supply chain and customer service targets, it's engineers strive to ensure it's assets operate with the high efficiencies it expects whilst ensuring safety and food quality. Whether it's chocolate manufacturing, wafer baking, coffee extraction or freeze drying, you'll demonstrate the ability to anticipate problems and the confidence to step in and address issues when they arise.

Finance Programme

On Nestle's Finance programme you'll be at the heart of it's business success.

On this three-year programme you'll take on three demanding and varied roles in either Nestle's York and Gatwick offices, or potentially a factory location. This will give you a thorough understanding of the critical and diverse role finance plays at Nestlé.

HR Programme

I was made for Leadership. I just need the opportunity.

The HR scheme is a 2 year accelerated programme, focused on developing future business leaders. From day one you will be given real responsibility through owning projects, implementing change and supporting Nestle's diverse business portfolio. Current HR graduates are working within 14 factories and two head office locations across it's brands from Kit Kat to Bakers dog food.

Information Systems and Information Technology

How do you feel about the opportunity to build technical skills and business awareness in the world's largest food and drink company?

From NESCAFE to KIT KAT, from BUXTON to SHREDDIES and on to FELIX, the IS/IT Department helps to keep all of the Nestlé businesses within the UK and Ireland running smoothly. It offers you an excellent opportunity to be part of a world class team, gaining great business experience in a world class company. You will be provided with real responsibility from the day you join.

Manufacturing Leadership Programme

This programme is tailor made for Graduates with a desire to succeed in senior leadership roles within the Operations function of the world's biggest Nutrition Health and Wellness company.

You will be passionate about working in a challenging manufacturing environment with cutting edge technologies leveraging a truly global support and development network.

Marketing Programme

Commercial acumen, confidence and the ability to get the best from others. That's what it takes to build and promote iconic brands.

On Nestle's two-year development programme, you'll join either it's consumer or commercial marketing divisions. Both involve building brands in a global team, bringing them to life for customers and delivering financial targets. But if you're not sure which one's right for you, you'll have help to decide during the application process. So, what's the difference?

Consumer Marketing

Each consumer brand offers a fresh challenge. Working with highly respected and experienced colleagues, you'll help decide how to keep household names like Kit Kat and Nescafé relevant after more than 70 successful years, or bring new brands such as Rowntree's Sour Pastilles or Rolo Biscuits to market.

Commercial Marketing

This division deals with family favourites like Nescafé, Kit Kat or Maggi, as well as unique Nestlé Professional brands and solutions like Chef, Herta or Milano. Nestlé Professional is a growing area for Nestlé, so you could be part of a team bringing new brands and solutions to market.

In both teams you'll take brand responsibility from day one, working alongside some of the best people in the business. So you'll need a strong empathy with your brand, and a deep understanding of your consumer, together with the ability to develop impactful messages and express them in a uniquely creative way.

Quality Assurance Programme

For Science graduates, Quality Management offers a varied, exciting and potentially high profile career across Nestle's whole Supply Chain, not just in it's factories.

Nestle strives to delight both our consumers and customers. That doesn't just mean ensuring it complies with legal requirements and it's own demanding quality standards, but driving quality improvements, reducing defects and eliminating waste. On this two year programme, you will work on a variety of challenges during two placements at our UK Head Offices and factories.

Safety, Health and Environment Programme

Train to become a senior Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) professional.

In Nestle's industry, SHE is vital. Join this two-and-a-half year programme and you'll train to become a future SHE professional, providing advice and solutions to ensure the health and safety of all Nestlé staff.

Sales Programme

Selling big name brands to fill the shelves of some of the biggest name retailers. That could be you. The thrill of delivering outstanding results with brands like Kit Kat, Nescafé and Felix is what gets Nestle's Sales graduates excited.

You'll start as a Territory Manager with your own portfolio of stores, getting out there and making sure it's products hit the shelves. A big part of this is about working with your customers within Nestlé First Choice - retail groups, convenience stores, cash & carry outlets, wholesalers and customers within Nestlé Professional like The O2 or Merlin Group. Getting products on their shelves is about developing long-term relationships and a genuine rapport with them to gain their trust and increase sales. Whether you're negotiating a display stand or delivering a new product launch, you need to meet their needs. Deliver that and you deliver both for the company and yourself.

Supply Chain Programme

Adding value and providing competitive advantage - that's what Supply Chain at Nestlé is all about. Working closely with it's customers and internal colleagues, it manages one of the industry's most complex supply chains. Join and you'll have responsibility and opportunity from day one.

Over three six-month placements, you'll gain a real insight into how the business runs. You could be a demand planner, ensuring supply meets demand for a multi-million pound customer, you may be running a warehouse shift, or you might be buying raw materials or energy to ensure it can meet demands at efficient prices.

International Opportunities

Joining Nestlé means being a part of a worldwide business, which helps you benefit from a global outlook that has been handed down from generation to generation since our founding in Switzerland in the nineteenth century.

Many of Nestle's careers offer high levels of international exposure as a core element reflecting it's global outlook. It also offers many employees the chance to participate in it's international work programmes, with Nestlé in the UK and Ireland currently ranked as the second biggest exporter of talent to Nestlé globally.



  • Annual bonus based on the business's performance
  • Membership of the Nestlé UK Pension Fund


  • Your Flexible Reward scheme
  • Offering a range of benefit options
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  • Shift allowance, if applicable

Your Development

No matter where you want your career to go, you'll be given every opportunity to take it there. From helping you to identify your strengths, to giving you all the support you need to plan your personal and professional growth, Nestlé will help you focus on your development. This will involve regular appraisals and reviews of your performance, as well as assessing your management potential, which could set you on track to be one of its future business leaders.

You'll be encouraged to think about where you want your career to go. You might consider a move to one of its international locations, either on secondment or permanently. Or you may want to focus on a particular specialism in another UK business. Whatever you decide, Nestlé equip you with the resources to build your ideal career.

So, where do you want to go?