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The Royal Bank of Scotland is a British banking and insurance holding company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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About RBS

Opportunities don't get much bigger than those at RBS, an international financial services organisation. These are challenging times in the banking industry and RBS is depending on ambitious young people like you, who can grow and develop as the business does. You'll be part of a team, working together to do the right thing and offer customers excellent service. RBS will give you every opportunity to show what you can do and make the most of your ability to see the business through fresh eyes. Which means the bank RBS becomes will be the bank you build.

Your Career

What to expect

RBS is passionate about making a difference - to its customers, its people and the communites RBS works in. How the company treats people is a fundamental part of how RBS does business. Fairness and honesty are at the heart of how RBS works and its culture is a positive, professional and friendly one.

RBS believes in creating an open and supportive environment where everyone is given the opportunity to do what they do best. No matter where you are in RBS, you'll be actively encouraged to share your views and opinions.


Graduate rewards at RBS cover much more then your salary. RBS groups them together under a scheme called Your Reward, which covers a complete package of financial benefits.

You can choose how your reward is delivered by tailoring your pay and benefits to suit you. On top of your competitive salary, you can spend additional benefit funding on anything from retirement savings to lifestyle benefits - or even take it as cash.

In addition to this, whichever area of the business you join, you can access the flexible benefits programme, called RBSelect in the UK and Republic of Ireland. RBSelect benefits include a whole host of advantages from discounted shopping vouchers to private medical cover. To find out more visit rbsbankyoubuild


Your development at RBS is just that. Your development, tailored to your individual needs. RBS will build on your natural talent, filling you with the skills and tools to help drive the future of the business.

Your potential combined with the training you'll receive. It's everything you need to get your career off to a great start. But RBS doesn't stop at inductions. With its commitment to continuous learning, you'll have every opportunity to grow into your role. Your development as a graduate is focused on the needs of your business area, but we'll also help you cultivate key business skills such as team working, project management, influencing, communicating and presenting. You'll also be encouraged to gain professional qualifications where appropriate.

You'll have all the support you need, but it's up to you to make the most of it. Whether you're on rotation or a permanent desk, taking part in Community Involvement projects or attending networking events, the more you put in, the more you'll get out.

What does the future hold?

"The graduate scheme is very well structured and a great development opportunity. In addition to regular training, we get to work in different departments as we rotate through the bank. This allows us to devleop a strong understanding of different parts of the bank and where they stand in the wider organisation's structure."

Romualdas Sostakas - Graduate in Large Corporate Coverage