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Graduate Programmes



You can join EY on many different programmes, in many different locations. EY looks for ambitious, driven people who want a challenging and stimulating career. EY invests heavily in its graduates from day one - it's preparing future business leaders.

You can choose a graduate scheme in any one of EY's service lines: Advisory, Assurance, Corporate Finance or Tax. You'll work with many different clients across various industry sectors, or you can focus exclusively on financial services.

Each require different skillsets and strengths. Some of the strengths you may have developed during your studies, some perhaps through work experience, but some you'll have naturally. They're the ones EY is really interested in.

It will be up to you to decide where you take your career, but EY provides all the exposure, training and support you need to get there.


Advising companies on improving performance and risk management

Build a career in advisory and you'll be helping clients across a range of industries to improve performance and solve complex business problems. It's a fast-moving, high-growth area that reflects the challenges and uncertainty of today's world.

What do EY do?

The business climate combines challenge and uncertainty with escalating competition. Clients are increasingly asking for EY's advice on how to succeed in these conditions. EY works with them to address their specific circumstances and to achieve sustainable improvement to their business performance.

What kind of work will you be doing?

As one of EY's advisors, you'll work on complex assignments with a wide variety of clients across a diverse range of industries. Working hands-on, you'll develop key skills and deliver high-quality, focused services.

What are we looking for?

You'll need to think of yourself as a consultant rather than a graduate. EY looks for people with commercial acumen who are inquisitive, analytical and ambitious. You'll need to challenge, act on your own initiative and demonstrate the potential to become a future business leader.

What training and development will you get?

EY will give you the experience, coaching and exposure you need to succeed. After an induction course that develops your core consulting skills and outlines your on-going training, you'll have the opportunity to establish a solid grounding in finance and business law through the CIMA Foundation course.


Creating confidence for the business community worldwide

Choose a career in assurance to play a vital role in the economy. EY provides companies and regulators with a reliable voice about their financial profile or processes, and help clients make decisions about environmental policies, management systems and fraud investigation.

What do we do?

In Assurance, EY's aim is to provide clients with accounting solutions and peace of mind, in a financial world that is increasingly complex and interdependent. Through their skills and experience EY gives companies, investors and regulators confidence in financial statements, business-critical information and processes.

What kind of work will you be doing?

Assurance skills aren't limited to audit: EY also helps clients make informed decisions about environmental policies, governance and fraud investigation. You'll need to apply your analytical skills to varied projects and develop relationships with key client personnel.

What are we looking for?

EY is looking for people who can exceed their clients' high expectations. You'll be able to demonstrate success by completing high-quality audits and helping to win new work. It's broad and varied work in a stimulating environment - and it can be the gateway to a range of opportunities.

What training and development will you get?

Working in Assurance will give you an excellent grounding in business that will open up a wide range of career options. Depending on which area of Assurance you join, EY will also support your study to qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

Corporate Finance

Advising clients on how to buy, sell and merge with other organisations

Showing businesses how they can raise, optimise, preserve and invest capital, you'll be involved in performing strategic, commercial and financial analyses of companies' involvement in a variety of transactions.

What do EY do?

In recent years, organisations have used transactions strategically to enhance their growth, competitiveness and profitability. EY helps corporate and fund management clients understand how their businesses could succeed in the future, and then work with them to make it happen.

What kind of work will you be doing?

EY work with the world's largest organisations on some of the biggest and most complex cross-border engagements in the global market. You'll help those clients make better and more informed decisions in a changing world. That means advising them on how they preserve, optimise, raise and invest capital to help them achieve their strategic objectives.

What are EY looking for?

You'll need keen problem-solving skills and the ability to respond well to pressure. The work is fast-paced and high-profile, often with tight, strict deadlines. You'll need to be flexible because you'll be working in several locations across the UK and also further afield when required.

What training and development will you get?

EY will equip you with the technical skills for complex financial analysis, due diligence or operational modelling, and help you build the softer skills needed for successful client relationships. Depending on the programme you choose, EY will support your study for your ICAS exams or an Operational Research Society qualification.


Helping clients navigate the complexities of international tax

A career in tax means you'll help clients navigate a growing, complex and ever-changing world. You'll have to think creatively, keep learning and provide a full complement of services to EY's clients, whether they are multinationals or fast-growing enterprises.

What do they do?

Companies today face ever-growing, increasingly complex tax and regulatory change. Helping them negotiate these difficult conditions requires intellectual rigour, a sound understanding of tax legislation and the ability to manage client relationships effectively.

What kind of work will you be doing?

EY provides a full complement of services to clients, whether they are multinationals or fast-growing enterprises. You can kick-start your tax career by focusing on one of the following: Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Human Capital or Transfer Pricing. Depending on which office you join, you may also acquire more generalised tax skills.

What are EY looking for?

Expect to use your research and analytical know-how, to apply yourself to stay on top of the law and to acquire in-depth knowledge of clients' businesses.

What training and development will you get?

EY will give you the experience, training and coaching you need to become a successful professional. It will also support you to study for a professional qualification. The qualification you undertake will depend on which part of Tax you join. For example, it may be a Chartered Accountancy qualification or a specialised tax qualification such as the ATT and the CIOT.