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Technology Scheme



Think of our graduate programme as the first step on an incredible journey. The start of a brilliant career in business that could take you wherever you want it to go.

You'll gain an unprecedented insight into the way different organisations and industries operate. You'll get to work alongside inspiring colleagues and a rich variety of clients as you tackle some of the most exciting business challenges around.

What we do in Technology

Besides underpinning every aspect of our own business, leading edge technology drives more and more of the work we do for clients too. On that basis, each of our service lines now has its own technology team, focused on harnessing the power of new and emerging technologies in that particular area of the firm.

The challenges and opportunities vary from team to team, but across the board they're fast-paced, exciting and fuelled by a spirit of innovation. So you can be sure that wherever the next wave of technology is heading, Deloitte people will be there working with the big names on the projects that really matter.

Your role in Technology

Whether you're a technical graduate or not, we're likely to have a technology-focused role for you. There's a huge variety of opportunities to choose from, across all of our service areas, including:

Whichever path you choose, for the first two years you'll be enrolled on our Tax Analyst Development Programme, which will give you all the necessary training and support to become a successful Tax practitioner. It starts with three weeks at our new Tax Analyst Academy where you'll pick up the tools and gain the knowledge you need to get your career off to a flying start. The Academy is also a great opportunity to network with your new colleagues.

You'll have client contact from day one. As your career progresses so does the level of responsibility, in terms of client engagement, delivering assignments and developing innovative propositions. Within a few years, you'll have a team working for you, so a big part of your role will then be around inspiring and enabling them to add real value too.

Who we look for

Our Tax Consulting practice attracts graduates from all sorts of backgrounds and with a wide variety of degrees from music to chemical engineering. But they all share the same entrepreneurial spirit and unshakeable desire to build on our success. To join them and make an equally strong contribution to the team, you'll need to be:

Academic requirements