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Business System Integration Graduate



WM Reply are an innovative global Office 365 (O365) and SharePoint Consultancy based in Central London, working with some of the world's leading brands to create award winning intranets, applications and business solutions.

Our consultants are specialists in everything SharePoint and Dynamics AX. We help our clients make the most out of their tools by taking the time to delve into what they really want and what we can do for them. We then craft effective solutions, plan, deliver, test and launch the finished projects, all in full collaboration with our clients' needs.

Reply strives to be at the forefront of technology driven initiatives and to get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, and driven people.

As a graduate Dynamics AX Consultant you'll learn everything that makes Microsoft Dynamics tick. You'll be out on client site and in the office, advising and showing clients what could work best for them!

We are looking for talented individuals to grow our Dynamics AX team, who are able to learn quickly and smartly.

Here's what's important to us:

A "Typical" Day in the office

9.00am - Walk in, get a coffee, catch up on the day's news and review emails

10:00am - You're working on two projects, so back to back stand ups to see how our super-talented teams are doing


11:00pm - The meeting went well so you're writing up a proposal to deliver a POC project to show exactly what we can do, don't worry - there are plenty of people around to help you.

1:00pm - Time for some food, or maybe the gym?

2:00pm - You're out on a pre-sales meeting with a senior consultant. Time to show them what Dynamics AX can do for them.

4:00pm - Testing functionality ready for a demo tomorrow - you'll want everything to go smoothly so your client is bowled over with our progress.  It's looking good!  Have a chat to our development team for a minor styling tweak and then we can start on next week's backlog.

5.30 pm - Quick beer with the team, game of DOTA, Xbox Fifa tournament or out for a game of Frisbee, we're a diverse bunch so there's always something going on.

Quirks you'll love: