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What's in it for you?


Are you dedicated to a career in banking?
Are you a resilient person?
Can you think outside the box and come up with new ideas?
Do like to think big and see the potential of working on the global stage?
Are you hardworking and able to perform under pressure?
Are you confident in adjusting to new situations and challenges?
Are you passionate about developing and growing your own skills?
Can you demonstrate authority to demonstrate your leadership potential?
Can you show that your skills and experience to a career in banking?

Types of Banking

  • Investment Banking

    Investment Banks are focused on helping large organisations, including governments and commercial companies - to raise money through selling securities on the markets. This enables scaling up to be possible for these organisations, on a large scale.

  • Corporate Banking

    Corporate Banking provides tailored financial services to large companies and organisations and are distinct from Retail Banking. The complexity and volume of transactions are often much larger in Corporate Banking often adding greater risk.

  • Retail Banking

    Retail Banking provides banking services, loans and advice to businesses and the public generally through high-street branches.